Financial Engineering for Digital Assets

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  • Pre-built Instruments
  • Bespoke Product Structuring
  • Live Pricing and Market Data


  • API connection to Option Markets
  • Real-time Pricing and Execution
  • Automated Settlement


  • Trades monitoring
  • Performance & Risk Analysis
  • Traders and limits monitoring


Mitigate your risk on crypto assets with innovative instruments to get boosted returns or reduced risks for lower costs


  • Call Spread
  • Put Spread
  • Butterfly


  • Bitcoin - BTC
  • Ethereum - ETH

Advanced Features

  • ESG ratings
  • Forex hedging
  • Capital guarantee


Romain Dutrenois

CEO / Co-Founder
  • A seasoned financial engineer, Romain founded Phalanx Capital in March 2023. He cumulates over 10 years as a structurer and quantitative analyst for several major financial institutions in Paris and London, among them BNP Paribas, National Australia Bank and Lloyds Banking Group. Romain started his career in London at HSBC as an interest rate structurer and later extended his expertise on credit derivatives and securitization.

Laurent Davoust

CTO / Co-Founder
  • An expert in data management, Laurent is our Chief Technology Officer, leveraging his experience in data, IT development and team management to provide our customers with banking-grade infrastructure. He has worked as a quantitative analyst for Société Générale in Paris for five years and APtimum Conseil, where he developed and distributed proprietary risk management tools. Beside his responsibilities, Laurent has been a lecturer in risk management at Dauphine University for 4 years.